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Iyengar 5-Day Intensive Sessions
(Monday 21 – Friday 25 October, 2024)

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The 5-Day Iyengar Yoga Intensive is being taught by some of the best and most accomplished Iyengar yoga teachers drawn from all around the world. All have studied directly with BKS Iyengar; and/or with Guruji's daughter Geeta; and or with Guruji's son Prashant. The vast majority have been doing Iyengar Teachers Training for twenty years and more. They thus form an unparalleled array of expertise and talent.

Sessions will range from Beginning to Advanced. They will also cater for those with little experience in Iyengar yoga, and those steeped in it over a long period. And according to the interests of the Presenters, there will be general classes as well as classes for those who want the finer details, and/or who have special needs such as help with scoliosis, headaches, and much else.

Classes will be categorized as follows:
Label Description
Sat: Asana & Pranayama Sessions
Chit: Special Teachings / Insights on Selected Topics
Ananda: Particular Interests
Brahma (foundation): For those with No, or only a little, prior experience in Iyengar yoga (whatever the level).
Visnu (practice): For those comfortable with the Iyengar method.
Siva (principles): Present more details and information about the Iyengar method.
Mild: For beginning students and/or those with restrictions.
Middling: For intermediate level practitioners; got the basics and ready for a comfortable and capable practice.
Intense: For proficient and advanced level students who know how to take care of themselves and are ready for anything.
Example Session 1: Sat, Brahma, Intense
For someone highly proficient (Intense) in some other yoga style, and so who is ready to work on, for example, arm balances or deep backbends etc.; but who has little prior knowledge of how Iyengar yoga approaches them (Brahma). So this would be an asana class (Sat) in which the teacher presents basic information on how to use the Iyengar style to approach those more challenging asanas.

Example Session 2: Chit, Visnu, Mild
For someone who might have perhaps started yoga shortly before they retired, and so who is content to continue with the basic introductory poses (Mild); but who is well familiar with the Iyengar style (Visnu); and so who is open to receiving some deeper insights into, and information on, these familiar and accessible poses (Chit).

Example Session 3: Ananda, Siva, Middling
For an intermediate practitioner with a solid Iyengar practice (Middling), (Siva); but who found that yoga helped them get rid of say their neck pain, and so who is curious to find out how that might have happened from a teacher who either did the same, or who has adopted this as their teaching speciality (Ananda); or else perhaps someone who is pregnant and so who wants to get consistent and helpful information on how the Iyengar style approaches yoga at this time.


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Beginners' Track: The hallmark of “the Iyengar style of yoga” is its clear, step-by-step, and progressive method that makes the whole field of practice attainable to every individual. This Beginner’s Track will provide an in-depth experience of yoga that will give participants the thorough grounding they need. This set of classes will form a systematic path through the 5-Day Intensive and provide a foundation in yoga that will ground participants for a succeeding lifetime's yoga experience.

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Part I: Iyengar Yoga Intensive: Monday 21 – Friday 25 October, 2024 
Part II: Open Weekend: Friday 25 – Sunday 27 October, 2024