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Open Weekend Sessions
(Friday 25 – Sunday 27 October, 2024)

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The Open Weekend is being taught by a selection of world class teachers from a wide variety of types and styles in yoga. Most have been training other teachers, in their respective styles, for over twenty years.

Sessions will range from Beginning to Advanced. Please be sure to check the class description, and/or consult with that teacher if you are undertain.

Different yoga styles emphasise different aspects of the yoga experience (e.g. someone “advanced” in pranayama is not necessarily also “advanced” in any of asana, mudra, chakra, or dhyana). If you are concerned then please check the individual session write-ups, and/or consult with the Presenter, to determine the suitability of any particular session.
Sessions will fall into the following categories:
Label Description
[A]: On The Mat / Asana Class
[B]: Breath and Energy Work
[C]: The Divine Is Within / Contemplative Spirituality
[D]: Off The Mat / Giving Back to the World
[E]: Guru Parampara / Inspirations
Example Session 1: [A: On The Mat / Asana Classes]: Advanced
Session title and description suggest that the Presenter is asking for an "all-in", and a "no questions asked!" level of performance, expertise, and competency, from intended participants, and as understood for an asana session in that particular style.

Example Session 2: [B: Breath and Energy Work]: General Level
Session title and description suggest that the Presenter is discussing how a few simple yoga breathing techniques can help us ground ourselves when we start feeling so stressed out that the day starts running away from us.

Example Session 3: [C: The Divine Is Within / Contemplative Spirituality]: Beginners
Session title and description suggest that the Presenter is discussing some basic meditation techniques within some specific approach; which will be followed by a sitting session where what has been presented, in the discussion, is put into practice.

Example Session 4: [D: Off The Mat / Giving Back to the World]: Intermediate
Session title and description might suggest that the Presenter is discussing the teaching and practice of yoga in a prison or other such setting? The ‘Intermediate’ most probably then implies that some prior social work or similar experience is expected?

Example Session 5: [E: Guru Parampara / Inspirations]: Open To All
Session title and description suggest that the Presenter is hosting a session highlighting the teacher or guide who inspired their own yoga journey, and indicating the life-lessons resulting from this that infused his or life in many ways, both directly and indirectly yogic.



Please feel free to trial a temporary “Courtesy Cart” that allows you to review and select Sessions you might like to attend from the selection currently available in the Festival

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Beginners' Track: This will provide a selection of classes that those new to yoga as a whole can follow so they can get the best experience possible across the Open Weekend, and from a set of sympathetic and co-ordinating Presenters.

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Part I: Iyengar Yoga Intensive: Monday 21 – Friday 25 October, 2024 
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