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Session Title:

Strengthening the Back

Presented by:

Olop Arpipi

in the 5-Day Iyengar Yoga Intensive: Mon Oct 21–Fri Oct 25, 2024

Thu Oct 24th 2024: 5:00 pm–6:30 pm PDT

Although in Olop's local time zone, this is: Fri Oct 25th 8:00 am–9:30 am, 2024: WITA

Sat Brahma Mild

Explanations of terms

1.5 hour(s)

Session Description:

Asanas are done by the body, but are not totally for the body. Asanas are part of yoga and yoga is primarily for the consciousness. Yoga is for the mind. It should be done by the body for the mind. Prashant Iyengar

This session will focus on helping us to develop awareness regarding how to use the feet and the legs to help strengthen the back.

We will cover:

  • twisting asanas in a standing position
  • twisting asanas in seated position
  • inversions
  • forward bend in standing position
  • forward bend in seated position
  • backbend asanas with props
  • backbend asanas without props

Notes to Participants:

This session devoted to strenghtening the back is suitable for anyone with a fair level of health and fitness, and/or who is also fairly new to yoga. But I will be unable to accommodate those with serious oor chronic injuries; or those whose restrictions and health conditions mean they need specialised care and adjustments.