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The Segmentalness of the Spine

Presented by:

Stan Andrzejewski

in the Open Weekend: Fri Oct 25–Sun Oct 27, 2024

Fri Oct 25th 2024: 11:30 am–1:30 pm PDT

Although in Stan's local time zone, this is: Fri Oct 25th 2:30 pm–4:30 pm, 2024: EDT

Session Type: [A] On The Mat / Asana Class

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Session Level: Open

Session Length: 2.0 hour(s)

Session Description:

This is a 2 hour lecture/asana class dealing with the spine as a structure with 24 vertebrae, a sacrum and coccyx. Each segment rotates within three planes of rotation. The western spine unfortunately develops patterns of tension and patterns of collapse, and eventually joint pathology especially in the triad of the lumbar facets, sacroiliac and acetabulum joints. There are relative flexibilities// inflexibilities. The human biped form can benefit greatly from the Hatha Yoga skills of grounding, centering, and lifting. I will teach basic asanas from the biomechanical perspective of the segmentalness of the spine.