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Transmission: To Us and From Us: Dhyana, Chan’na, Zen

Presented by:

Victoria Austin

in the Open Weekend: Fri Oct 25–Sun Oct 27, 2024

Sun Oct 27th 2024: 2:30 pm–3:30 pm PDT

Session Type: [C] The Divine Is Within / Contemplative Spirituality

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Session Level: All Levels

Session Length: 1.0 hour(s)

Session Description:

MEDITATION: Today we will explore non-objective aspects of matured meditation and freedom.

We can approach meditation in two directions: from the outside in through the kosas, and from the inside out from universal presence. These sessions will focus on building physical and mental stability, addressing obstacles, and uniting heart and mind in objective and subjective modes. We will study how to appreciate the human condition as a gift of, by, and to all beings great and small, throughout the entirety of space and time, for us to realize peace.

Notes to Participants:

Prerequisite: Six months experience in yoga, or permission of the instructor. Please inform the instructor at the beginning of class if you have any special needs.

Although Victoria is presenting a set of seven successive and developmental Sessions, it is not necessary to attend them all. Life, after all, consists of us constantly stepping into and of each others’ lives, which flow along, regardless Please also see the “Notes for People Attending Victoria’s Sessions” in her Bio for further information.