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Sherri Baptiste
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BIOGRAPHY: Sherri Baptiste

SHERRI BAPTISTE is an inspirational yoga teacher at the forefront of training in America. She offers approachable training, that shows real people the depth and benefits of mind • body • breath practices and how best to incorporate yoga, fitness, and wellness into their busy lives. She is the daughter of America's Yoga Pioneers and Master Teachers Magaña and Walt Baptiste. Founder of Baptiste Power of YogaTM also Baptiste Natural Foods, she offers classes, workshops, retreats, and teacher training. Her retreats and teacher training programs provide an empowering, peaceful oasis in a hurried world, a place where students can find within themselves the tools and knowledge to support and maintain a happier, healthier, and more spiritual lifestyle.

Sherri will skillfully guide you through practices that offer profound life-changing principles of yoga, health and fitness for body mind and spirit, all done in a simple way that is accessible to everyone, from all walks of life. All levels of ability are welcome in her sessions, although some yoga experience is beneficial. She will skillfully and gently guide you through each practice, providing ongoing modifications. You will be encouraged, during practice to work at your own level of ability.

BREATHWORK: There are many benefits from this natural process, bringing peace of mind, strengthening the body’s immune system, slowing biologic aging processes, awakening regenerative energies, balancing the nervous system, and enhancing creative powers. Taught by Sherri Baptiste.

DEEP RELAXATION and MEDITATION: Join Sherri Baptiste for periods of silence and contemplation, orientation to Zen practice and morning meditation with Zen monks. BRING ALIVE: Great Ancient Wisdom Self Realization Techniques along with Contemporary Science for both practical and personal development. These practices /skills are here to help you achieve personal and professional excellence.

Notes for People Attending Sherri’s Sessions

Sherri Baptiste is a continuing Education Provider for organizations shown below.

  • Founder of Baptiste Power of Yoga, LLC
  • Author: Yoga with Weights & Yoga All in One ‘for Dummies Brand/Wiley Publishers’
  • IAYT: International Association of Yoga Therapists- Certified Yoga Therapist
  • IAYT: International Association of Yoga Therapists - Approved CEU Course Provider
  • IDEAFIT: IDEA WORLD & INNER IDEA Fitness Expert and Conference Presenter
  • HPSO: Health Care Provider
  • YOGA ALLIANCE: ERYT 500, YACP Continuing Educator and Conference Presenter
  • ASFA: American Sports & Fitness Association Continuing Education Provider
  • NASM: National Academy of Sports Medicine Continuing Education Provider
  • AFAA: Athletics and Fitness Association of America Certified Advance Yoga Provider
  • MEDFit Network Provider: Continuing Education Provider
  • ACE: American Council on Exercise- Continuing Education Provider
  • YOGA ALLIANCE EDUCATOR: BAPTISTE SCHOOL Established since 2003: Teacher Certification Programs 200, 300, 500 hr.

Sherri presents Specialty Programs for Western Athletics Club’s Bay Clubs, Gold's Gym, Fitness SF, Yoga Studios, Nautilus, Loyola Marymount University's Yoga Therapy Rx Program, University of San Francisco Wellness & Fitness Programs, UCSF Yoga & Fitness Seminars, College of Marin, Marin County Public and Private Schools, ECA, Equinox Fitness, IDEA World Fitness, Inner IDEA Conferences, Body Mind Spirit, Yoga Journal Conferences, ECA, AFPA, Can-Fit-Pro. She provides Specialty Sherri Baptiste Weeks for Rancho La Puerta Spa, Cal A Vie Spa, Montage Resort Laguna Beach, Cavalla Point Wellness Programs, Bhakti and Prana Music Festivals. Serving as Yoga Alliance Conference Faculty, Whirl Magazine Yoga Events, and Yoga Therapy Conferences, also instructing for the International Himalayan Yoga Teachers Association and conducts Yoga Retreats and Trainings at locations such as Noetic Institute, Kripalu, Omega institute, Esalen Institute, Haramara Women's Retreats, Holistic Cruise, Green Gulch Zen Center, Tassajara Zen Center, Lumeria Maui and Feathered Pipe Ranch USA, Himalayan Institute & International Festivals Rishikesh, also Leading Yoga Adventures all over the world.

She co-teaches alongside Integrative MD’s and Yoga Experts including Bradly Jacobs MD, Elson Hass MD, also including Richard C Miller Ph.D., Stephen Cope Ph.D. & Larry Payne Ph.D. as well as SF Zen Centers Abbots Steve Stukie and Paul Haller. Sherri has served as Membership Liaison on the IAYT board, also providing Dr Dean Ornishe’s Research Participants with weekly Yoga Classes.

  • A Certified Yoga Therapist, she has evolved a highly refined Yoga with Weights System toBaptiste Method Trainings and Classes are part of the Sunflower Wellness Cancer Recovery Program in San Francisco Bay Area. Her programs Provide Continuing for Yoga Alliance also International Association of Yoga Therapists. Yoga with Weights

She has served as Western Athletics Bay Club Marin and Harmonia Wellness Center’s Yoga Teacher Training Program Director. A member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), Sherri’s Baptiste Schools offer teacher-training certification and continuing education programs 200, 300 & 500 hr. She is recognized by Yoga Alliance at the highest designated levels of E-RYT 500, YACP since 2003. She is also recognized by the International Yoga Federation as an honorary member of the World Yoga Council. ABC’s KGO radio Yoga Expert and television personality, she is featured in video programs that include "Power of Yoga" and "Power of Meditation."

Sherri is the Author of Yoga with Weights for Dummies (Wiley Publishers) & Yoga All in One for Dummies (Wiley Publishers). She serves as the online yoga expert for and She is a writer in Best Body Magazine and Alternative Medicine Magazine, Caregivers and Professional Psychologists and Counselors Journal.

Sherri's lives in Marin Co, CA with her husband and family. She teaches local Power of Yoga and Yoga with Weights: Baptiste Method classes serving as a health and fitness community leader to 200 hundred participants weekly. Her specialties include breath-based yoga flow (for all levels), breath work, meditation, yoga with weights, Baptiste Power of Yoga Teachers Training Programs and Workshops, Yoga Alliance recognized Yoga with Weights: Baptiste Method Online 12 module Learning Course, also yoga for older adults and integrative yoga applications.

Baptiste School: Sherri Baptiste Programs offered for yoga, athletic, fitness and health provider professionals, providing CEU’s and Yoga Teacher Instructor Certifications

Sherri Baptiste, Baptiste Power of Yoga, LLC, P.O. Box 414, Kentfield, CA 94914 Office line: 415 459 0942

Sherri Baptiste is an Approved Continuing Education Provider. Her course provide CEU's and Hours for Organizations shown below. Please contact your membership organization to see if taking her sessions will provide Units, CEU's, or Hours.

Sherri Baptiste – ‘Expert Mind-Body Yoga & Fitness Specialist

Sherri Baptiste is an inspirational yoga teacher at the forefront of training in America. She is the daughter of America's yoga pioneers and master teachers Magaña and Walt Baptiste.

  • ·  Founder of Baptiste Power of Yoga, LLC

  • ·  Author: Yoga with Weights & Yoga All in One - for Dummies Brand/Wiley Publishers

  • ·  IAYT: Certified Yoga Therapist

  • ·  IAYT: Approved CEU Course Provider

  • ·  IDEAFIT: IDEA WORLD Fitness Expert

  • ·  HPSO: Health Care Provider

  • ·  YOGA ALLIANCE: ERYT 500, YACP Continuing Educator

  • ·  ASFA: American Sports & Fitness Association Continuing Education Provider

  • ·  NASM: National Academy of Sports Medicine Continuing Education Provider

  • ·  AFAA: Athletics and Fitness Association of America Certified Advance Yoga Provider

  • ·  ACE: American Council on Exercise Continuing Education

  • ·  YOGA ALLIANCE: BAPTISTE SCHOOL Established since 2003: Teacher Certification Courses 200, 300, 500 hr.

  • ·  COURSES:

List of Sherri’s Sessions


The Sherri Baptiste Beginners Hatha Yoga Class


[A] On The Mat / Asana Class




2.0 hour(s)


This Yoga Beginning Series provides a full range of postures (asana) centering practices (mindfulness), warm up (preparatory), breath-based flow (vinyasa) with balance and strength postures (more dynamic). Transitions are taught, modifications given, along with restorative postures (passive practice). Students may not have any form of previous exercise or even yoga experience to practice beginning yoga, as it is relatively easy and is not aimed at making students struggle, but rather working with you at a comfortable pace, progressing only when you feel it necessary for them.

Opening provided for this Training Session:
"We will begin today by taking a few minutes to clear our minds and set our intention for our practice. Bring yourself into a comfortable seated position with the back straight; chin parallel to the ground and the hands resting comfortably on the legs. Consciously relax all the muscles in the face: the forehead, the muscles around the eyes, around the mouth. Relax the jaws and release the root of the tongue. Bring your awareness to your breath. Slowly and gently invite the breath to lengthen and deepen. Gently pull yourself away from all other space and time and bring yourself to your place on the mat. Sweep together any thoughts in the mind and simply set them aside for now".



This Integration Series provides:

  • a gentle progressive warm up
  • beginners hatha yoga flow with modifications provided
  • principals of Teaching
  • tips on setting up the classroom environment
  • working with the group that arrives

Please note: Participants in this session will need:
Yoga Mat
firm cushion for sitting
yoga strap


The Yoga with Weights: Baptiste Method Intro Class


[A] On The Mat / Asana Class


All Levels


1.0 hour(s)


Yoga with Weights Training is a breakthrough in mind-body exercise that honors the core ideals of yoga, while harmoniously integrating the mindfulness qualities with the physical culture and science of bodybuilding.

The Yoga with Weights - Baptiste Method Benefits include:

Strength, flexibility, and stamina; a maximized workout potential; the added weights support healthy bone density; exercises that tone and shape your body; stimulating of metabolism through active breath, increased weight, and movements; extra weights encourage balance while engaging muscles in new and effective ways; faster impact of practice offering quick results; the tailored workouts meet individual needs from endurance training, to seniors; a deep and rhythmic breathing in every exercise; a moment-to-moment awareness practice; the enjoyment of greater peace of mind, and overall physical wellbeing.


"Y with W" movements are done slowly in a controlled, safe, and effective manner.
Beginners Welcome
Usage of weights is optional. If uncomfortable you may continue class without the weights, using body resistance only.

But if you have them then please bring:
yoga mat,
yoga block,
Physio Yoga Ball
ankle weights
hand weights

These weights should, to begin with, be 1lb – 3lb weights for women and 5-8 lbs. for men.

Ankle weights 1lb or 2.5-3lbs. One ankle weight for each ankle. There is a 3-5-8 pound per hand limit in this beginning class.

The aim is to gradually train your muscles to use increased poundage.

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Sherri Baptiste
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