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Aadil Palkhivala
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BIOGRAPHY: Aadil Palkhivala

Aadil’s experience of holistic healing was originally prenatal, as his mother could not conceive for 7 years and, only after practicing yoga with B.K.S. Iyengar did she conceive Aadil, her first child. She practiced yoga throughout her pregnancy. Aadil began observing Iyengar’s classes at the age of three, commenced formal study at the age of seven, and was the youngest person to be awarded the world’s highest Advanced Yoga Teacher’s Certificate at the age of twenty-two! Today, over 35+ years later, Aadil is recognized as one of the world’s leading yoga luminaries and innovators. He is respected as “teacher of teachers” as many of the world’s leading yoga instructors have been guided by him. He has a unique teaching style, mixing melodious instructions with recitations of poetry, philosophical insights, and in-the-moment humor.

Aadil and Savitri are the founders of Purna Yoga®, a holistic synthesis of yogic traditions based on the work of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Aadil and Savitri also founded Alive & Shine Center® in Bellevue, Washington, the home of the Purna Yoga College®, a 200-hour, 500-hour and Certificate-Level (2000 hour & 4000 hour) teacher training program licensed by the State of Washington and Yoga Alliance Certified. Aadil teaches seminars, classes, teacher trainings, and workshops at the Alive and Shine Center® and has taught throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Mexico, India, and other parts of Asia. He also teaches therapeutic workshops, advanced classes, Prak?sh?y?ma, Yoga Nidra in an online format as well as a certified (IAYT) Purna Yoga Therapy 5-year program that teaches teachers the art and science of therapeutics through the Purna Yoga® College.

Aadil is the author of Fire of Love: for Students of Life, for Teachers of Yoga, a book that seeks to restore the rapidly fading essence of yoga, as well as the book that teaches the methods to strengthen the eyes, SuperVision. He has also co-authored five Teacher Training manuals with Savitri, which are used in his beginning, intermediate, and therapeutic teacher trainings. In addition, Aadil has written extensively for Yoga Journal, having been the Asana Columnist and author of the Teacher’s Column for the website, as well as the “Asana Expert” for both the magazine and the website.

An encyclopedic knowledge of health informs Aadil’s teaching. Aadil was a certified Shiatsu and Swedish bodywork therapist and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. He has studied holistic healing and Ayurveda extensively. He uses these prior qualifications to enhance his teaching today and continues to be a student in the holistic healing arts.

Starting with a bachelor’s degree in physics and math, Aadil eventually got a degree in law. He practiced law in Washington State until resigning to devote his energies to his life-purpose of exploring and teaching Purna Yoga®. He has a passion for the arts, especially poetry, and has intensively studied elocution, operatic singing, Japanese flower arranging, painting, and drawing. Aadil and Savitri co-hosted the Alive and Shine® Radio Show for over 3 years.

Aadil has served as advisor/board member to many organizations including Prevention Magazine, Yoga Alliance, Yoga Journal, The Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States, and The National Association Certification Committee. His educational lectures take him throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico, and India. Aadil has been featured in newspaper and magazine articles locally, nationally, and internationally, and has been a guest speaker and presenter on television and radio programs and news shows. He enjoys speaking professionally and has been the keynote speaker at many national events including Yoga Journal Conferences, The Omega Institute, The Body, Mind, Spirit Symposiums and the Global Information Network.

He is an acknowledged Yoga Master, Certified Yoga Therapist-IAYT, Co-founder of Purna Yoga® College & Co-director of Alive and Shine® Center.

List of Aadil’s Sessions


The Breadth and Depth of Yoga Practice


[A] On The Mat / Asana Class




1.5 hour(s)


The beauty of yoga is in its breadth and depth. It includes asana, pranayama, dhyana and the application of the philosophy in day-to-day life. After all, “Yoga is not meant to be practiced, yoga is meant to be lived.”

Aadil Palkhivala practiced with BKS Iyengar privately and publicly, was the emissary of Guruji, travelled the globe at his request, and spread Guruji’s teachings all over the world from 1979 onwards.

Learn the fascinating inner movements of aligned asana, the basic methodology of dhyana, and which pranayama practices fit into this bigger picture, as well as which ones should be avoided.

The power of asana is not in doing asana vigorously, but in finding and using the inner energy flows to enhance life. Explore these inner energies with Aadil, who has practiced daily for over 57 years!

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Aadil Palkhivala
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