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Session Title:

Breathe to Beat the Blues

Presented by:

Amy Weintraub

in the Open Weekend: Fri Oct 25–Sun Oct 27, 2024

Fri Oct 25th 2024: 7:30 am–8:30 am PDT

Although in Amy's local time zone, this is: Fri Oct 25th 10:30 am–11:30 am, 2024: EDT

Session Type: [B] Breath and Energy Work

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Session Level: All Levels

Session Length: 1.0 hour(s)

Session Description:

Brahmana (uplifting) breathing practices will be alternated with calming practices. The intent of this session is, through the practice of pranayama and kriya, to create a strong, stable sense of presence, to elevate the mood and to clear the constrictions, not just in the pranamaya kosha. Your breath can create a window through the constrictions in all the koshas. This session is appropriate for yoga practitioners, yoga professionals and health care professionals. Contraindications will be given for various health conditions, time of day, and setting.

Notes to Participants:

Please come with an empty stomach. If you are watching on demand, please do not practice in the late afternoon or evening. Please follow the guidelines for pacing and the contraindications for some of the practices. Follow along in a space where you can sit, stand and stretch your arms wide. I look forward to seeing you on Zoom!